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Medical Intuition Training FAQ 


What Is My Commitment?

What Is My Investment?

Our program is made up 4 online training days and 5 'at home' moduleswith accompanied due dates and required reading (approx 6 months) and rounding up with a final exam. Your certificate of completion is issued to you once all of the required reading and assignments have been compeleted and marked by your instructors.

The investment into our program is $4,797.00. Early bird pricing (up to 4 weeks prior to class starting) receives a $500 price reduction. Book costs and ‘Practice Energy Healing In Integrity’ Reading and Exam are additional costs. Organized group rates (min 3 students) are available by calling 6472054684 or emailing inquiry to

Who Is The Training Best Suited For?

Medical Intution Training has a flexibility that most training programs don't offer in that it is a beneficial modaility used in conjunction with other methods of healing. Medical Intuiton is not a band aid solution - meaning - it is designed to work with your client to uncover the origin of what may be going on within the physical body. Here are some complimentary modalities:

Massage therapy



Mind Body Medicine

Yoga and Pilates

Physical Therapy




Who Teaches The Course?

Our team consists of lead instructors and course facilitators. Individuals who have also been formally trained and are currently working in the field with their own clients.

Can I Review The Program After Graduating

Our graduates are like family and are welcome back to review the program at a much reduced rate at their leisure. This is encouraged as course materials are updated regularily as are the tools we are using to develop intuitive ability. 

Does Medical Intuition Training Give Me The Ability To Diagnose Someone?

The simple answer to that is no. Medical Intuition is not used as a diagnostic tool. It is an integrative tool that works along side programs put in place by your clients Medical Professionals. 

I Don't Work In Healthcare - Can I Still Take The Training?

Yes. While experience in a health and wellness field is a plus, great Medical Intuitives come from diverse backgrounds in life experience and career. One of the most well known Medical Intuitives, Caroline Myss had a career in Journalism before developing her skill, as did SIHG co-founder and lead Instructor Tammy Price. 

Are There Tuition Payment Plan Options?

Yes. Please email to begin the discussion.

How Many Times A Year Is The Program Run?

At current time the program is being run 4 times a year at varying locations. If you are interested in where the next program will be held or in a private program run for you please contact us at

I'd Still Like To Know More ~ How Can We Connect

Call: 6472054684



Refund Policy

Your tuition is refundable, minus a $250 administration fee, upon email or phone request, up to 7 days prior to the scheduled first class meeting date. No refunds will be given to "no shows." 

Still Have Questions?

Reach out and book a call with Shifting Into High Gear Today!

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Participating in the work has allowed me to truly be present in mindfulness and my intention of following my walk with my mission to contribute with my message. I am sincerely grateful to have made a decision to explore and also step in to my power with the support, guidance and soul nourishment that is offered by Shifting into High Gear, Heels to Healers and training with the Certified Medical Intuitive training program. Both have been so instrumental on my path to Wholeness.

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