The H2H Method

A 4 Hour Transformational Experience

Sunday, February 28th, 2021

Noon until 4pm EST



  • The archetypal pattern of abandonment/rejection and the influence of that on your choices, experiences and outcomes
  • The guiding principles for a practice in Wholeness and why it's important
  • How to connect to the languages of the interpretation, sensation and surrender that exist within you and remain largely untapped
  • Identifying behaviours that hold you back from reaching your highest potential (things not inclusive to - procrastination, multi-tasking, perfectionism, waiting for the right time)
  • What it means to create authentic relationships with people, places and things
  • What role your emotions play in your health
  • Why self love and connection to a higher power often has air in the pipes

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H2H Sundays!

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For This Intensive?

  • Those who are/have experienced feelings of abandonment/rejection
  • Those with the desire to understand themselves more deeply
  • Those wanting to experience love for self and others with greater ease and reliability
  • Those who recognize they live from in a place of fight or flight and have difficulty grounding
  • Those in search of passion and purpose
  • Those experiencing health related issues
  • Individuals wanting a deeper body/mind relationship 

Your Core Facilitators:

After a diagnosis of multi-focal breast cancer in 2015, a divorce after 14 years of marriage, the death of her Mom and 2 years of intense study into Medical Intuition, Tammy turned feelings of abandonment and rejection into a superpower.

Today she remains open and curious around reframing life's experiences and understanding the impact of abandonment and rejection on choices we make, on the actions we take or don't take and how to shift them.

Tammy is the Founder of Shifting Into High Hear, Best Selling Author and divides her time between Toronto, ON and Fairhope, AL.

With a goal to inspire untapped potential for awareness, to allowing people to create a self-regulated environment in their own lives; providing them the tools they need to evolve and regulate in the future.

Lindsay believes that the Mind, Body and Soul are all intrinsically connected and works with people to strengthen this connection; understanding that optimal health stems from unity and balance among these three areas.

She is driven to pique curiosity, to explore , to challenge limiting beliefs and areas of untapped potential!

Tammy Price - Certified Medical Intuitive, Mindfulness Coach, Traveller, Teacher, Mentor

Lindsay Bil - Certified Medical Intuitive, Mentor

Order Summary
H2H Sundays!